Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Oxford English Dictionary Definition: Peace

peace /pi:s/ n. 1 a quiet; tranquility (needs peace to work well). b mental calm; serenity (peace of mind). 2 a (often attrib.) freedom from or the cessation of war (peace talks). b (esp. Peace) a treaty of peace between two States etc. at war. 3 freedom from civil disorder. 4 Eccl. a ritual liturgical greeting. at peace 1 in a state of friendliness. 2 serene. 3 euphem. dead. hold one’s peace keep silence. keep the peace prevent, or refrain from, strife. make one’s peace (often foll. by with) re-establish friendly relations. make peace bring about peace; reconcile. the peace (or the queen’s peace) peace exisitng within a realm; civil order. Peace Corps US an organization sending young people to work as volunteers in developing countries. peace divided money saved by the reduction of expenditure on weapons and defence after the relaxation of tension between Western and Soviet bloc countries in 1990. peace-offering 1 a propitiatory or conciliatory gift. 2 Bibl. an offering presented as a thanks-giving to God. peace-pipe a tobacco-pipe as a token of peace among US Indians. [ME f. AF pes, OF pais f. L pax pacis]

“All we are saying is give peace a chance!”
“Peace at home. Peace in the world.”
“Thou shall not kill!”

As the 1946 film “A Matter Of Life And Death” by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger states:
“Love, truth and friendship. Those qualities and those qualities alone can build a new world today and must build a better one tomorrow.”

That is our case and upon it we demand a verdict that nothing is impossible:
Peace must prevail!

Today’s children will be tommorrow’s leaders. Let’s present them with a symbol of peace; a catalyst for constructive dialogue; an invitation to open minds, to inspire imaginations and prepare an environment in which peaceful actions are moved to the forefront. Let Rainbow Bridge send out a global message to just give peace a chance and consider a more harmonious world for tomorrow’s generations.