Monday, January 02, 2006

Quotes of Support

Quotes of support in chronological order.......

With my great life experience from happiness through misery and ultimate incarceration in Concentration Camps to the very happy present....... I have the right to judge Ned's credibility, being still very young yet cultivating his talent as a very original painter. It took him 10 years of hard work in Turkey.
Now he will build his future very quickly and even the keepers of the Bosphorus Bridge might come back to him crying: "Ned please come back and paint the Rainbow on its underside."
I urge people to come to this unique one-man show. I have seen it three times in Coney Weston - it opened my eyes. WHAT A TALENT!!
Very good luck to you Ned.
And very wishes to you from Your old friend.
Witold Kasicki, aged 88, Veteran of 2nd World War

"The most obstinately provocative painter I know."
Brian Sewell, art critic The London Evening Standard June 2008

"He's the painting wizard."
Eloise Willcox, Barningham Primary School, aged 4

“I always appreciated your positive energy and effort towards a modern secular Turkey. The work you have done concerning Ataturk is fantastic.”
Ali Y. Koc, Koc Holding 25 March 2008

"Thank you very much for sending me the Ataturk’s Eyes T-shirt and images of Turkey. It was indeed very thoughtful of you. Your efforts to promote peace in the world through your exhibitions, is commendable and I wish you success with your endeavours. Best wishes and warm regards."
General Pervez Musharraf,
The President of The Islamic Republic of Pakistan 16 February 2006

"It’s a big, bright, ambitious, multi-coloured project. But, it seems the Turkish authorities aren’t quite ready for a British artist who wants to paint a rainbow from Europe to Asia on the underside of the Bosphorus Bridge. The impact would be dramatic, symbolic and unifying. Mr. Pamphilon clearly has an uphill task in a Muslim country. But he is determined to campaign for the project. If he succeeds he’ll certainly deserve his pot of gold."
Eastern Daily Press, Editorial 17 January 2006

“Dear Mr Pamphilon……..You contribute to the cause of our country – we sincerely need genuine people like your good-self. As for the Deniz Temiz Association, this could not have been a better subject for promotion and sparking the interest of the children.
God bless you and best personal regards.”
Rahmi Koc, Koc Holding 20 August 2005

“Gökkuşağı köprüsüne evet diyorum - I say YES to Rainbow Bridge!”
Gila Benmayor, Hurriyet 13 March 2005

“Many great countries illustrate their commitment to peace and unity through some visible or tangible gesture. Rainbow Bridge could easily become known to symbolize the birthplace of 21st century peace between East and West.”
Jamil Qureshi, leading UK ‘new-wave’ mentalist performer, 10 May 2004

“Dear Minister,
BASF believe the Rainbow Bridge project has the potential for a world wide profile. The image of Rainbow Bridge will carry a message of intercontinental peace and hold magical connotations for children and adults alike. We consider Turkey to be a most important location in the world today and understand the potential for Rainbow Bridge to highlight this country in a positive and constructive light.
BASF is ready to support the project by offering all the necessary paint and experience to realize this project. We hope this project will also receive your support.”
Dr. Gerhard W. Schwarz, BASF General Manager, Turkiye, 19.04.04

“I think it’s a great project and we’d like to support it anyway we can.”
Yasemin Dalkilic 12 March 2004

“Let’s get that bridge painted bro!”
Cem Ceminay, Number One 102.5 FM

“Recently the rainbow has become a reasonable symbol for all kinds of associations, parties and companies in the world The idea to paint the bridge is the idea of an inspired person. Since the bridge was built all we ever saw was a dark grey colour, so it must be better to paint it as a rainbow, which joins two continents I really believe in Ned’s project as dreams are the basis for huge constructions...
...Ned Pamphilon, a British painter who understands and appreciates the relevance of Ataturk, asked me: ‘What would you say if I said I wanted to paint the underneath of the Bosphorus Bridge?’
At first I thought it was a joke, but when I saw his photographs and visuals, I realized it could be a great project.”
Leyla Umar, Vatan 15.03.2004

“Ned Pamphilon: A foreigner belonging to Istanbul more than any of us....
...There is a voting procedure on his website and 30,000 people voted positively for the Rainbow Bridge.”
Cahit Akyol, Hürriyet, 06 March 2004

“Your rainbow bridge idea seems admirable and well worth the effort of offering support – imagine, if nothing else, the heads of tourists turning as the ferries pass under it, obediently and in unison.”
Brian Sewell, London Evening Standard art critic, 12 January 2004

"Look at this guy! None of us are thinking like he does. Why does it take a foreigner to come to our country and show us such a simple, intelligent idea to promote our country? It's an inspired idea and it will be an inspired decision for our authorities and our country to let this happen.”
Okan Bayulgen, Zaga, Kanal D, 13 December 2003

“Pamphilon’s bridge painting project is ridiculous, amazing and impossible. Perhaps that’s why he is so giddy about it. He is already searching for support for the project and mulling over how to surmount practical difficulties. Maybe within the next few years we’ll be seeing some young artist basking in the spotlight as we ferry across the Bosphorus. Who might that be? Pamphilon? Yeah!”
Ann Musser-Ercan, Turkish Daily News, 20 June 1999

“I would like to see the underside of Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge painted: Can you imagine? The longest painting in the world between two continents spanning the underneath of the Bogazici Bridge, from East to West and back again!”
Ned Pamphilon 1999