Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Rainbow

The Oxford English Dictionary Definition: Rainbow

/ا reınbц/ n. & adj. – n. 1 an arch of colours (conventionally red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) formed in the sky (or across a cataract etc.) opposite the sun by reflection, twofold refraction, and dispersion of the sun’s rays in falling rain or in spray or mist. 2 a similar effect formed by the moon’s rays. – adj. Many-coloured. rainbow lorikeet a small brightly coloured Polynesian parrot, trichoglossus haematodus. rainbow trout a large trout, Salmo gairdneri, orig. of the Pacific coast of N.America. ssecondary rainbow an additional arch with the colours in reverse orderformed inside or outside a rainbow by twofold reflection and twofold refraction. [OE regnboga ( as RAIN, BOWا )]

The Oxford English Dictionary Definition: Rainbow

Rainbow Bridge the world’s largest bridge of natural rock, situated in San Juan county in southern Utah. Its span is 86m (278ft).

The science of rainbow colours according to NPP's L1 specialist

We use our eyes to see the things around us. The human eye is like a camera lens.

Light is a kind of electromagnetic radiation. There is no difference between high frequency radio waves and light waves, apart from their wave-length.

We cannot see high frequency radio waves; our eyes are not capable of detecting such frequencies. We can detect them with the aid of electronic apparatus.
The wave-length of high frequency radio waves varies from 2-5m long (FM) to a few cm long (3-5 Gigahertz).
The wave-length of visible light is between 3-7 Angstrom (Aº).
1 Angstrom = 1/10,000,000 mm.
Our eyes can only see 3-7 Angstrom wave-length radiation i.e. visible light.

The colour of visible light is dependent upon its wave-length.
At the higher end of the wave-length scale, 7Aº, the light appears purple in colour.
Toward the lower end of the wave-length, 3Aº, the light appears red.

Approximate colour and related wave-length:
7Aº = red (red/orange)
6Aº = yellow
5Aº = green
4Aº = blue
3Aº = purple (violet/indigo)

Light waves shorter than 3 Aº (ultra violet) and longer than 7 Aº (infra red) cannot be detected by the human eye; we cannot see them.

Sunday 13 January 2008 - I found some interesting information using the name rainbow...
Philadelphia Experiment / Project Rainbow

It's No Secret - Area 51 was Never Classified
By Peter W. Merlin
...In 1956, the U-2 prototype (known as Article 341) was modified for a series of anti-radar tests called Project RAINBOW in which Lockheed technicians attempted to reduce the RCS of the U-2 using radar-absorbent materials. Another U-2, Article 344, was strung with piano wire of varying dipole lengths between the nose and wings of the aircraft to reduce the radar signature. These methods created extra drag with a resultant penalty in range and altitude. The U-2 aircraft modified under Project RAINBOW were known as "dirty birds."

Philadelphia Experiment
List Of Alleged Secret Projects...

14 June, 1973
New Mexico. Code name: Fallen Rainbow; Project Rainbow, USAF.
Crashed UFO recovered with survivors. 385 American witnessed
the crash. All disappeared with their families. Anthrax
epidemic was blamed. Area cordoned off within 1/2 hour. DERO
activated. Some Americans near the crash site were shot by
paramilitary stormtroopers. Moved to Coonty Mountain on 15
June, 1973. Moved to Battle Mountain on 21 July, 1974 and
remains there.

Note: Project Rainbow originally was the code name of the
time/space experiments conducted aboard the USS Eldridge and
dubbed "The Philadelphia Experiment." We believe it continues
under that name.

Coonty Mountain, Utah